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8 Reasons Why You MUST Keep a Travel Diary

8 Reasons Why You MUST Keep a Travel Diary

The days of journal writing seem all but lost in our fast-paced digital world. Cameras have replaced sketches of beautiful people and places, ‘checking-in’ lets us look back on what we’ve done and a single post to all our friends is easier than sending postcards.

There’s a special beauty in the written word. So, before we forget these age-old traditions, here’s a timely reminder of why keeping your own travel journal is the best way to truly experience, learn from and remember your worldly adventures.

1. It Never Runs Out of Batteries

No power adapters, cords or charging needed, your travel journal is always good to go even if your adventures are taking you for a month-long trek through the wilderness.

2. It’s the Best Place to Express Your Creativity

Everyone’s got a bit of a creative spark within them. No matter where around the world your travels take you, visiting new places and experiencing new things allows you to explore your creativity.

Try sketching the Great Wall of China, record inspiring meals and ingredients or brainstorm new business ideas. Your World Travel Diary is the perfect place!

3. It Lets You Remember All the Important Bits

Everything from your must-do lists to funny quotes and that ticket to a Broadway show fit perfectly in your travel journal. Help make the taste of that banoffee pie be remembered by slipping the package into your diary or spritz the pages with your favourite French perfume.

4. It’ll Help You Defeat Boredom

Let’s face it, travelling isn’t as constantly incredible as your Instagram account makes it out to be. Those more boring times waiting for planes, busing across a country or waiting for your ‘lost’ friends to make it back to the meeting point are the best opportunities to scribble down some memories in your travel journal.

5. Gives You Something to Show the Grandkids

When you travel, you collect stories and experiences and there’s no better way to be able to share your journey with your family than sitting down and flicking through your travel diary. It’s something you’ll keep forever and look back on with fond memories.

6. It May Save a Friendship

It’s true that “travel is best measured in friends, rather than miles” but no matter who you choose to see the world with, they’re sure to do something to aggravate those nerves.

Use your travel diary to work out your annoyance, leave your poor friend who insists of taking photos of every single landmark be and avoid a fight.

7. Your Travel Journal Isn’t a Target for Theft

That’s unless you’re on a Contiki and you’ve done a bit too much ranting, raving and other things that would make good gossip…

8. You’ll Use it to Help Others Plan

Revel in being the travel expert among your friends and share your best travel tips and secrets by flicking through your diary to help others plan an amazing trip!

Don’t create experiences that will be forgotten, preserve your around the world adventures in your own World Travel Journal from Adventurelogue.

Not only does it have a pouch for keep-sakes, it’s got a wold map so you can track your footprints around the globe.

10% of all proceeds go directly to help support Traffic, so you’ll be supporting a leading world organisation to monitor and prevent wildlife trade.


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